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Using multiple databases with JDXA ORM for Android?

I want to use two on-device SQLite databases for one of my apps. Is it possible to do that with JDXA ORM?


  • edited April 2017
    Sure. JDXA allows you to use multiple SQLite databases in one app. You can define multiple mapping specifications for different databases. The JDXA SDK comes with a sample app showing how this can be done easily.

    By the way, you can also define multiple mapping specifications for the same database. This can help in partitioning your application data appropriately.
  • Is it possible to use PostgreSQL database with JDXA?
  • JDXA is an ORM for the Android platform and works with a SQLite database available with the Android platform . Our JDX product is an ORM for the Java platform and it works with a Postgres database.
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