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INLINE Mapping with JDXA ORM

edited January 2017 in JDXA for Android
This blog discusses the INLINE mapping feature of the JDXA ORM product, which provides the flexibility of optionally storing the attribute values of a contained (referenced) object in the same SQLite database table as the one used for storing the attribute values of the containing (referencing) object.

This mapping capability also has the welcome side effect of increasing the efficiency of data access operations in many situations.


  • Can this feature be compared to Inline CSS which makes designers life easy?
  • edited August 2017
    Well, an inline CSS is used to apply a unique style to a single HTML element. Whereas, in the context of JDXA ORM, the INLINE feature provides the ability to store the attribute values of a referenced object with the attribute values of the referencing object in the same database table. So, the notions of INLINing are different in these two cases - one is for presentation and the other one is for persistence. Both have advantages in their own contexts.
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