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  • Sure. JDXA allows you to use multiple SQLite databases in one app. You can define multiple mapping specifications for different databases. The JDXA SDK comes with a sample app showing how this can be done easily. By the way, you can also define mul…
  • Yes. Check this excellent tutorial on JDXA ORM by Lakitha Samarasinghe at https://onelonecoder.wordpress.com/2015/11/02/jdxa-simple-but-powerful-orm-library-for-android/ Also, JDXA SDK comes with many out of the box working sample projects.
  • Sure. With JDXA, you can persist Integer or String array attributes in the same table where other primitive attributes of a model class are stored. You don't even have to specify any explicit mapping specification for such attributes. JDXA can also…
  • Good question. Allowing inheritance in object modeling has been our goal from the very beginning because inheritance promotes the reuse of the functionality of existing components and makes the resulting apps more modular. You don't have to compromi…
  • JDXA is an ORM for the Android platform . Our JDX product is an ORM for the Java platform and it works with a MySQL database.